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    900 To 750 ? possible?

    Ok, here is the basics. I have a1998 Kawasaki 900 stx basicly hull no engine what so ever. Here is the rub I have a complete 750 assembly electronics, engine every thing. the engine came out of 97 750 zxi. I know the engine runs my question is it possible to mount the 750 into the 900 hull? My thoughts are that it may but it is a question of engine alignment and the drive shaft connector. does any one have any information that would be of use?

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    Kawasaki made a 750 version of the STX in 1998. Should be a fairly straightforward conversion. I thought about putting a 750 in my 1100 to make it a long distance cruiser, but I decided against it. Wish it had a bigger tank...

    The driveshaft couplings are the same. (# 42034-3707) The problem I see is the pump. They have different part numbers (59496-3727 & 59496-3724). I think the 900 has a larger diameter. You might have to use a 900 impeller but get it re-pitched a little flatter, or buy a different impeller. I don't think the 750 could drive the 900 impeller.

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    hmm thanks thats kind of what i was thinking self.....i have a 750 pump off a 750 xi sport......not 100% sure...what i am going to do ...for now i think i will install engine test fit check every thing. the stx has the pump and every thing on it...just no engine......think what i will do is test fit it all up and if all looks ok.....test run it in the river...see how it runs...and operates....compared to my 700 slt polaris......and go from are probably right i may have to change the impeller....only reason im doing this is well ive got the parts soo why not lol.....ill try and take some pictures and maybe post a link later in the weekend.

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    Just a follow up.....the engine did fit perfectly....but the bolt holes for the 750 motor mounts had been glassed over...had to chip them out and and drill out the resin. The 900 drive shaft as expected was too short had to use the one from 750 xi sport i had laying around....every thing looks ok but i am going to switch over to the 750 exhaust that i have from the xi sport box major issues as of yet.....small concerns with the elctric box...while i have a complete 900 stx box with coils etc....the box i had with the 750 coils and cdi.....will work..but i have to buy a fuse block for it appears because the stx has trim etc while the one i pulled the box off of did just a few minor hiccups to smooth over...did noticed one other thing.....did the 900 stx come with two batteries? and if so was this an option or standard because this stx hull is set up and has what looks like factory mounts for two batts.....just something i havnt seen before.....only down side is after i am finished I am going to have a xi sport hull with good title left over at the end of this.....and not a clue what to do with oh well on problem at a time.

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    Ok just to let any one who wanted to know what happened. After much deliberation it came down to this. While i did have all the 750 electronics there were several differences in what it would have taken make all the stx's systems function properly. I didnt feel like hacking the wiring. So after much thought and a lil bit of luck I wound up buying a good used 900 engine for the ski. Which arrived today. Ok finally this is what i found out. You can make the 750 to 900 swap if you want. But here are the key things to check. First check you Generator/stator if yours has two empty windings then you will need to swap out your stator for one on a later model 750 that has all the windings. From what i could tell a 750 stx from 1998 would swing it 21003-3733 STATOR that's the part number.
    Secondly you need to change out your cdi and might need to have another junction box.....but in all likelihood you can simply swap out the cdi for cdi part number 21119-3735 as well you will need the fuse block assembly for the trim. you need the one with three wires that uses simple wire plugs not the one with he plastic clips. With those mods you can put it in and every thing will should function correctly No PROB....i simply decided to re register my 750 and bought a used 900 for the stx...only problem is now I NEED a 900 engine mount plate sigh....oh well any one know were I can find one......need the one that front two mounts are flat??? lol not slanted figures i have the goofy one....think if i swap the mounts to the slanted either will work but not 100% sure

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