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    manifold for turbo

    Which manifold would be better for turbo on a fx ho motor? mr-1. would the log style vx manifold have any advantage over the somewhat equal length manifold of the fx and fxho?

    yes i know everyone is going to say don't mess with it, riva tried it with no success, blah blah blah. but anyone have actual proof of these engines failing other than neglect?

    internals are already taken care of, sleeved block, carillo rods, and je pistons. headwork soon to come.

    either way though i have to get the exhaust to the turbo. the vx log manifold would be easiest as it already has the elbow that leads to where my turbo will sit. the fx manifold will use a similar flange adapter but will be a little more complex. i have both so thats not a problem either. everything will be stainless and water jacketed. but anyone think there will be a performance loss with the vx manifold. or should i stick to the semi equal length fx manifold and go from there.

    also what are some other weak points of this engine marine wise? oil pump drive, gear box? only thing ive seen working on them is rusted valves and rods through the block from misuse and neglect.

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    I would stay with the FX simply because the vx has electronic throttle so it will require more work other than the et the vx will simplify your plumbing, Julio...

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    i was talking exhaust manifold. im just going to go with the fx manifold. its somewhat equal length runners will help in performance. Also where the second part of the lower manifold bolts to the elbow where the rubber boot is, ill make a flange thast bolts to that where the gasket is and a stainless steel waterjacketed elbow that leads to the turbo's v band inlet. that way i can put the turbo where i want it and where it fits best.
    as for intake manifold keeping the individual throttle bodies from the fx and making an aluminum sheetmetal plenum with built in intercooler core. plus i don't think the vx's plastic intake would be able to handle the heat or boost pressure. the throttle by wire isn't as much as a problem as most think. id just remove the electric motor assembly and fabricate a throttle arm and return spring and make it a standard throttle body. but not using that anyways so irrelevant.

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