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    What grease can be used for the intermediate housing?

    I went to my Yami dealer and they didnt have any of the "Yamaha grease A" thats listed in the shop manual. I asked one of the techs and he said just use any marine grade I grabbed some Quicksilver 4-2...just didnt know if that would be ok.

    Just polling the members here, thanks in advance!

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    Thats fine.....also the MERC grease is really good.......but expensive.....I use "green grease" from autoparts store

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    I am not familiar with Quicksilver 4-2. I use Yamaha marine grease, which is blue in colour..............any good quality marine grease will be good.
    Don't forget......if you are doing the 10hr service, then it's 34 grams..........7 grams after that..... 100 hrs or yearly.....put it in SLOWLY

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