Hello, I am new to the forum and also a somewhat new owner of a 2002 Polaris Gensis I.

The ski was running fine two weeks ago then, after docking, shut it off, covered it up and everything was fine. The following weekend I go to take it back out again and the engine won't start.

Basically what happens when i try and start the ski, the engine does like...a half crank...if that makes sense. When this happens everything on the display turns on, that red light flashes, and the speedo makes a sweep. After that the display simply shows the time, and thats it....none of the fuel or oil levels appear and neither does the voltage.

The display reads btwn 12.3-12.5 volts for the battery and , when checked with a multimeter, shows just over 12 volts. When attempting to start it, the battery voltage dropped down to around 4-5 volts.

I removed one of the spark plugs and tried cranking it to see if there was any spark but could not notice any. Not sure if there is a proper way to test a plug for a spark, but I feel that the engine should at least repeatedly crank over even if there is no spark.

I have recently done the following (recent meaning this summer)
-replaced starter/ignition solenoid
-replaced spark plugs
-replaced plug wires
-cleaned fuel injectors
-cleaned fuel pump screen and fuel/water separator assembly
-replaced battery (old one had a dead cell, which was causing problems earlier in the summer)

And like I said before, it was running fine the weekend before, so I am not sure what the issue is. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I tried turning the drive shaft manually and was only able to rotate it a very small amount.

PS- Of course the '04 MSX 140 we have runs like a champion and never has any issues >.< Lol.