Ok as I stated a few days ago I am new to PWC's and so far love it. I had been out approx 6 times in the last week with my ski. It worked great no problems at all. I went out today and as normal it started right up no problem. I went out and made a few small laps and jumped some waves and a few wakes from passing boats. Ran great all that time. I go over to the dock pick up my daughter and go out in the bay. We also jumped some waves and banked from side to side a few times. While doing so I noticed my fuel gauge go up to full and I know we only had alittle over half full. So I thought that was odd then I tried to use the bilge pump and it wouldn't work. So we started to head back toward the docks. We were about 3/4 throttle and jumped another wave and as we landed it just stopped running. I tried to restart and all it did was roll over. Thanks to my 6 yr old cutie blonde daughter. 2 very hot ladies came to help us out and tow us to the dock. Upon looking we have fuel but no spark. I did notice we had some water in the hull. Not a lot but enough to notice. Once we got home I looked it over better and noticed that there was a fuse blown so I replaced it. Now my fuel gauge and bilge works fine again, but now I have NO spark. I am new to this and I can do somethings myself but with step bu step and pics I can do more. So if anyone has any ideas please help.