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    2000 Genesis 1200..... At a loss please help

    Hey guys let me give you a little backround on the ski. Bought it not running knowing it had bad EMM due to no spark condition. Sent the module out to DFI down in Alabama and got it repairs (bad capacitor). They rechecked it said it was good to go and sent it back. So put it in the ski, crank it up AND... no spark.....So I am lost as to what i need to do next. Now theres a few other thing. The dash is staying lit up at all times and the ski will crank without the lanyard in. The fuel pump is also not running. Any help will be great thanks in advance.

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    Could be a lot of things but Im gonna with TPS. Even if it isnt the problem I'd change it anyway because they go bad all the time. It should be considered a tune up item ha ha

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    It will turn over without the lanyard, but it shouldn't have spark and it shouldn't start.

    Have you tried to bypass the LR module?

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