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    Need Help with 96gsx

    I have a gremlin in my ski. On the trailer she runs great. Idles at 3000 and has great throttle response and will redline at about 7200. In the water the ski starts great and idles at 1500. But when you want to go she acts like a slug. She is really slow getting out of the hole and won't do more than 4500 rpm.I don't now what to do.

    Things that I have done are
    New plugs
    New stator and pickup
    New fuel lines all the way around
    Carbs have been rebuilt
    Rave valves have new spring
    New battery

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    So I cleaned my RAVE valves and now i can get 7000 RPM in the water. The problem is that either it wants to lug around at 4500 RPM and then give me a 10 second shot of 7000. I switched the fuel selector to reserve and then it stopped surging. The problem is that I have no power band, the ski either goes slow or wide open nothing in between.

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    sounds like water is getting in the cyls..

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    how would that happen? It also died at the very end of the run and acted like it was hydro locked and gave me a 12v. error. When I got home it started right up on the trailer and it is giving me an error that says HULIE "What the hell does that mean?"

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    So I ordered RAVE valve rebuild kits for it today. So hopefully this will fix some of the problems.

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    please post the results!

    I have the same issue with a 97 ski wont get past 4500 rpms without blipping the throttle 20 times, then it runs to 7k+ but if i let off and re-smash the throttle it does the same thing..i took the ski to a shop and they replaced/checked everything they can think of..they literally told me they cant do anything else and to come pick it up...

    so im back to the drawing board

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