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    2002 Virage i 800cc

    Hi Guys,

    I have recently bought a 02' 800 virage i.
    I bought it not running it had zero fuel pressure, did all the usual checks and have ended up putting in a brand new fuel pump module (not cheap)!! anyway did this 25-29psi on the return line going back into the tank. It was having problems firing up and i managed to get it to run above idle and was very hesitant when revving up, as soon as you return to idle it stalled and was a b*#@ch to start again. I have replaced the TP switch and still in the same position, i am going to drain the tank and fill with fresh fuel hoping i got a bad batch, does anyone have any suggestions or any test i can carry out? are there any links to a manual i can download on the net??


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    I dont know anything about the virages but here is some good read through info. Welcome to the hulk.

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    Do you have the correct spark plugs installed? If you send me your email I will email you the service manual.

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