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    x charger 42's 08 waterbox mod

    Hey fellas I wanted to ask since I get great advice on here.

    I recently just installed an X charger, 42's, 4" kanaflex to the front, and the 08 waterbox and midpipe mod.

    My question is the following. I ran the ski yesterday and Im hitting 8120-8140 without a prop. I purchased a solas 14/19 before and decided let me run the ski without the prop to see where im at. Being that im almost close to banging the limiter should I install the prop or leave it the way it is with my stock prop.

    Will I see better MPH by adding the prop?

    Please chime in and let me know what you guys think.

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    There is no need to post this in multiple forums. You were answered in the performance section. Please stop making multiple posts on the same subject in multiple forums. It would be appreciated. Thanks!

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