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    sl750 issues (LONG POST WARNING)

    Hello all,

    I figure it'd be easier to give the backstory on this ski. We bought it (1995 sl750) with a trailer four days ago for 650$. Not a bad deal in my book considering it runs good. The engine is strong and holds 105-110 psi on each cylinder (a little low I know), and the pto is running rich while the cen is spot on and the mag is slightly rich, but pretty good. Yesterday I dropped it in the water and road around the ramp area just to test it out for about 20 mins, then decided to head down the river. Little did I know this entire time it was filling up with water. About 2 miles and many wake jumps later it died on me. Well, didnt quite die, i jumped a wake and had to bail to the right, and when i went to restart it wouldnt fire. nada. finally, the battery died after prolonged cranking. Got a tow, got the ski home, ect. and after deeper inspection that right side tilt was just enough to fill the intake with water, cen and pto jugs were wet and plugs fouled, zero spark. I made sure to quickly get it dried out and ran it several times on the hose through heat cycles just to be sure. After some research and finding out that greenhulk was the place to be for polaris skis, I found that my bilge siphon houses were not operational. After correcting this issue, I headed out today to the river for a ride, and after maybe 30 mins I docked downtown (annapolis) and checked under the seat, yep, it was filling, at a rate that I definately didn't like. A mostly steady stream of water was comming from the driveshaft seal. Now I have absolutely NO clue the last time it was greased but I plan on replacing parts 11 and 12. On the ride home it decided to suck some more water and killed pto cylinder and shortly after the cen cylinder. I have no clue but somehow it limped the next 300 yards at about 2 mph. I filled the hull with water about 2 hours ago to see a leak of about 5ml per second from the speedometer fitting. Common sense says that in order for the speedometer to work, something should be attached to this fitting, but nothing is (and hence the leak?). The hull has some rash on the bottom but is water tight. I have yet to check the cooling system to see if that is another leak but I wouldnt be surprised, especially for the amount of water after run #1, im talking about the battery and right below the seem of the electrical box even when the ski is level.

    Problem #1: Sorry for the long introduction but I figure its easier for everybody when the situation is layed out. Over winter I plan on re-hauling the ski. I know the fuel lines in the tank are rotted, so new fuel lines, tripple outlet fuel pump, petcock cleaning and carb rebuilds are first on my list. One of my big questions is could the leaky driveshaft and speedometer fitting cause this much water intrusion over only a hour?

    Problem #2: Today when leaving the city dock, I was idleing out (no wake) and then when further away slowly started to open 'er up, and it was very limited. Almost like limp mode...but I was litteraly limited to about 5 mph. Steady rev at what I would guess was about 3-4k rpm, and then more and more throttle until something jerked and all of a sudden I had full thrust. It was exactly like you went in a car and tried to go with the clutch half engaged, then just popped it closed suddenly. It definately did not feel like air in the pump (is cavitation the right term??) but the rpms would not go past a certain point. at all. Untill the sudden click/jerk/pop and then I had full power and full thrust. This sounds like it could be a big issue, but Im really hoping at the most its just the connection from inside hull driveshaft to outside.

    Problem #3: Missing mfd. As far as I have found they run about $315, wayyy too much for me at the moment. The plug is there, but I'm assuming it stopped working on the previous owner and he just removed it (seems like its common for them to die?). Is there anywhere I can find them cheap?

    Problem #4: The most prominent and annoying problem other than the sinking , is the terrible, terrible propoising this ski has (propoising is when trying to get it will hit a small wave, and lose all thrust from the pump comming loose from the water, correct?), the ride plate ends right where the fiberglass ends, its there, not missing, but not extended either. I cant get this ski over 15mph it does it so bad. It'd be fine, past half throttle it just unhooks from the water and makes for a rough and slow ride. I know conventional wisdom says trim down, but the trim nozzle was also removed by previous owner (guess hes the type of guy that just throws stuff out right away), I will be ordering a new trim nozzle along with the new center-driveshaft-seal-bearing stuff. The trim box is obviously not working. I have it removed but have no clue how to unplug it so I can tear into it on the work bench. It looks as if I'll have to split the electrical box? Im shading away from doing that...its sealed good and I'd like the keep it that way, but then again I'd like more to go over 15mph.

    Sorry for the incredibly long post guys and gals but I'd like to get the budget ski on the water and riding good before season end and I'm new to pwc ownership, however thanks to all at greenhulk, the search buttom has helped me atleast 50 times in the last 2 days.

    Plans for over the off season (for those that are interested)
    -Trim nozzle/assembly repair
    -new top end
    -rebuild carbs
    -replace all fuel lines and install pro 3 outlet pump
    -replace the mfd
    -custom 2 tone paint, saphire metallic black on candy metallic grey
    -Handle bar pad delete with some regular bars and mini pad (current pad is nasty)
    -new intake scoop/grate
    -replace impellar/wear ring
    -clean all of hull inside
    -TRD waterbox
    -pisser install
    -fill all nicks in hull
    -repaint engine block
    -new grips
    -other than that just some engine 'blang'

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    Today I got the ski on the ramp for a water test, I can't find any leaks anywhere! The driveshaft coupling does have a stream when no running but when I start it up that leak stops. There's no se rious hull damage I can see....I really have no clue where all of this water is comming from. Without trim the nose does dive somewhat when it propoises over wakesl so if anybody could please pitch in, I reallly want to get the stuff ordered. How do I unplug the trim box from the electrical box? Where could this water be comming from (its not cooling water and no from the pump), is it possible its from the seam from top hull to bottom? Thanks all

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    Sorry, but that's just way too much reading for me in yourt first post. How about asking a couple simple and direct Q's?

    Have you checked to see if the bilge hoses are clear and routed properly? Including the tiny orifice at the top of the plastic "L" fitting?

    If you have a stream of water coming into the ski, that needs to be addressed. Even if it "goes wawy" when running, it should NOT happen period.

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    Sorry, thought it might be easier to address with more detail. I cleared the siphons best I could in the ski. one isnt functioning so now I need to take them both out and do a thourough clearing. Question one, when it was filled with water up to the top of the battery, I tried to get home quickly, but had no thrust. at full throttle it would not move over 5mph and stayed at a steady 4-5k rpm regardless of how much throttle I gave it. Is this air entering the pump from the through hull? It suddenly popped/jerked/clicked and I had full thrust. Is this a major driveline slip as I suspect? How do I diagnose it if it is?

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    Details are good, my eyes just start to blurr after reading paragraphs.

    Blow compressed air through the siphon hoses from the jet pump side. That should blow any obstruction back. Then just make sure the tiny orifice is clear at the top "L" fitting.

    It's unusual to have 4k RPM and only do 5 MPH. Maybe you had something blocking your water intake or had a piece of debris lodged between the impeller?

    I'd suspect a driveline issue would stay an issue, not clear itself up.

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    I plan on clearing the hoses yet again and doing another water test this weekend. And about the driveline issue, it seems to have acted like a mechanical issue too much for me to not have asked, but now that you mention it, it definately could have been an obstruction. Especially for the area I was in and the behavior of it. But I've come up with another question, since I lack trim adjustment right now, the nose tends to dip under water, with water comming over the handle bars and control panel and seat, could water come in that way? Is it typical for water to be taken on durring a normal ride and if so, just how much water? I would assume it is normal since siphon tubes are a factory feature. I appologize for bombarding you with questions, just trying to get this figured out as I have hit a brick wall at this point.

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    Water coming up over the handle bars will defiantely take in water. Most of the skis have an air intake vent right under the hood.

    How about riding the ski with the seat off and looking for any water intrusion.

    As for the driveline issue. check to see if anything is wrapped around the driveshaft, or stuck inside the impeller. or showed signs of something maybe???

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    After reading the whole description, and taking a 15 minute break........ I assume you did install a line onto the speedo pickup preventing water from entering there. If you found a loose line, and hooked it up... you mentioned you dont have an MFD sooooooo what did you connect the other end of the line tooo???? That line could be running under the engine mounting plate, buried in the foam ballast, etc. and you wouldnt be able to see it but the faster you go, the more water shoots into your ski. The speedometer is designed to work on pressure built up in a closed system. Next time you are doing 15 miles an hour on the water stick your finger in the water and see how much shoots out in all directions.........

    As for the thrust - you mentioned you dont have the trim nozzle on.. I dont know this for fact, but i would imagine the trim nozzle is the final piece of the pump design that focuses and consolidates flow to increase output. Without this, you may lack good power.

    As for a new MFD - look out on craigslist for a Ski for sale that is locked up.... I bought my entire ski with a working MFD for $150....... seller didn't know any better......

    no imput about the rpm / speed issue....

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    Sorry guys, I posted but I guess it didn't go through. The speedometer fitting is closed off. The only two things that could allow the water in is the siphon and just front water comming over the front end. As for a msd im on the lookout for one, but its not super important. There's a makeshift nozzle where the trim should be. That's not a thrust issue, im going with something was in the intake. Im getting the nozzle ordered today and also getting the box working. The only issue now is the water intrusion. After getting the trim fixed and the siphone cleared ill report back. Hopefully this solve all of the issues. But we all know how hopefully goes on any powered vehicle...

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    So after recieving all of the trim nozzle hardware today, and NO TRIM NOZZLE, I checked my email to find out theyve been discontinued. Do any of you know where I can find one?
    Really want to get this thing back on the water but I guess I'll just have to stick to motocross on the weekends until i track down a nozzle. Its bittersweet i suppose :/

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