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    08 stage 1 px 500 rpm loss after terrible noise!

    Hey guys need help! Too my px out rippin today everything was cool, running nice 8080 rpms. After about 15 mins I was cruising back home doing 40mph than all of a sudden heard a grinding and felt a bad vibration for two seconds than went away........ Wasn't sure what was up so I had it towed in. (Didn't clamp my hose) is that bad? Anywho I looked it over went for a rip and now I'm only turning 7640 no noises runs good but lost some jam. Pulled it out of the lake. Checked my plugs, oil level, wear ring and impeller looks good, intake grate is secure. All my hoses are tight and secured. Dont have a torque wrent here at the cottage to check slip but I took off my intake hose. Had a shot of oil in there and I pulled my intercooler hoses off and I have grey residue in my hoses and intercooler??? Any ideas? Thanks guys!!!

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    Sounds like you sucked something into the pump. I would pull it an look it all over, not a huge deal.

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    Grey matter in hoses and I/C. Pull the SCer. Sounds like you lost a SCer bearing.

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    Ya, check that charger. Gray stuff is alum dust!

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    Thanks boys. I'm going to pull it and send to Jerry. It's got 76 hours on it. About time for complete rebuilt anyway. Thanks again. I hope that solves the problem.

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