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    Looking to buy 1998 Seadoo GTX limited

    Hi I am new to seadoos and I was looking to buy one. I found a nice looking 1998 seadoo GTX limited. He said it needed a new ignition coil pack. I asked him how he knew it was that and he said "The computer is giving 2 beeps when i put on the key. would not get 2 beeps if computer is bad. Ran check on the stater and trigger coil ckecked out good. Had running did check on coil it was putting out low volts I tapped it whit a hammer twice and it died lost spark. I just talked 2 a seadoo mechanic and he agrees with me that's its the coil pack." I need help as to whether this is all this needs or if it could be something else. Thanks!

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    Have him install the coil pack with the understanding that you will buy if the problem is corrected.
    You do not want to chase electrical problems on a watercraft.

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    Ok. Thanks for the advice and I am going to email him that.

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