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    96 GTX fueld sender

    Got one of the GTX skis I bought up and running, but the gas gauge isnt working, has no reading at all and red low fuel light is on all the time. I pulled the sender and based on the parts diagram it looks like the cap on the end of it has fallen off. The circuit board is intact and in the housing, but I dont see a float in the unit. I have seen other styles of this type sender before and some have floats, some dont. Does anyone know if the factory sender uses a float in the assembly? I drained the tank and have tried to see if the end cap and float are laying in the bottom of the tank, but it is virtually impossible to find anything through a 2" hole.

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    Sounds like the float has fell out the bottom. its pretty common for them to fill up with fuel. The bottom piece just clips in there.

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    Yes, these fuel baffles have the plastic caps on the bottom to keep the float inside the sending unit. Sounds like the cap and float has fallen out inside the tank and thats where your experiencing no reading on your gauge. These baffles are a common problem and i usually sell them for around 70 dollars used in working condition. Let me know if that helps

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