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    Polaris SLT-H MFD

    g'day all, got a MFD at the end of summer last year (march) and its getting hot now so i installed it but am having a few problems, the standard MFD was a 12 pin , the new one is a 8 pin, seemed pretty simple got the wiring specs from one of the posts around here re plugged in the wires, now the instuctions i read said it should power up with just the power and ground connected(purple/red- power in hole 1, black- ground in hole 2) now when i was changing them i think i might have gotten that water proof gel stuff in the connectors, i got new connectors with the new wiring harness should i change all of them over or is the wiring set-up wrong, cheers

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    well make sure that the power and ground are in the correct locations pin 1 if looking at the back fo the MFD is the lower right most plug, pin 2 is to the left of pin 1. i have 2 8 pin MFDS that yes all i needed to do to power them up was connect power to pin 1 and ground to pin 2, but you need to wake them up by pressing the MODE button, the only other way the MFD wakes up is when it senses RPMS( starting the ski)

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