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    Broken rod bolts

    The last 2 rxp's I parted out had slung rods. Both has broken rod bolts and no evidence of bearing failure. What would cause this? Both engines were stock and the cases never split. One rod cap was embedded so deep the bottom of the block I could not get it out.

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    WOW. I would have said over torqueing/ stretching of the Rod bolts. But would think that would be closely guarded on assembly at Rotax, if your sure they have never been opened.

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    So the crank looks ok with no burn marks that havnt been taken out by the rod ? Generally you would assume oil issue, bad/ stretched bolts or bearings as you already would of. Hydro locked at some point maybe ?

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    What year skis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayers View Post
    WOW. I would have said over torqueing/ stretching of the Rod bolts.....
    That, not enough torque or defective bolt....regardless is all related to workmanship.

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    Hey 8, did you ever get water in the motors and have to pump it out cranking it over???

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    They were not my ski's. I bought them to part out. They were 05 and 06 rxp's. The 05 may have had an oiling issue as I found a couple of pieces of a ceramic washer. There were some gouges on the crank from hitting stuff but no real indications of a burnt bearing. The rod yanked out of the piston....maybe that was due to a previous hydrolock....which cracked or weakened the piston?

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    "The rod yanked out of the piston"---you just answered your own question. Hydrolock can cause this. I presume you got the skis very cheap.

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