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    2003 Genesis I pulls at idle... Any help?

    Hello, I am a newbie. Just got a 2003 Genesis I with only 38 hours on it. Took it out for the first time today. Started fine. But noticed that at idle, when giving it no throttle, it seems to "pull" forward about 1-2 mph. Makes it touchy docking. Other then that it runs like a champ. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Have you ever owned/ridden a PWC before? You need to read up on how they work.

    When the engine is running, the jet pump is spinning. Period. If it's running, it will be moving. If the pump is not spinning, you won't have any steering which would make docking even more difficult.

    Fortunately, you're Genesis has reverse and you can put it partially in to reverse which will give you kind of a neutral feel if you get it just right. Try it out in the middle of the lake away from the dock and play with the reverse buttons until you get a feel for it.

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    Thanks for the reply and help. Like I said, NEWBIE, am more familiar with boats! I was trying that out, with the reverse, and kind of got a bit of feel for it. Thanks again. Just have to work on it a bit more. Only rode a PWC once, a Yamaha at a resort, it did not have reverse. It did not feel like it had quite as much pull as the Genesis. I see that you have plenty of experience with different machines. Does it vary from PWC to PWC on how much thrust there is at idle? Thanks You.

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    No, all consumer level pwc should have similar characteristics at idle. The only real difference is the ones that have reverse do give you that option to tweak the reverse bucket a little to kind of give you a neutral. The Gensis' electronic revers actually is a little harder than the 3-seater models (Virage, SLT, etc.) that have a manual reverse lever. They are much easier to get in that perfect neutral position. The two-seaters without reverse are much, much harder to dock for a novice rider.

    My Genesis is still my favorite ski. It has enough power to spin the prop out of the hole and do 180's (on a huge hull none the less!), pull a skier or tube and still get over 50mph. It also rides like a Cadilac in rough water!

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    +1 Gotta love that Genesis. Plenty fast and very stable just as you said.

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