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    Head Pipe and Fuel Hydrolock

    98 gsx limited - I replaced head pipe due to broken ear put in new bolts gaskets sealing ring rubber bushings everything back in for test. took out for 10 min it ran great then bilge kicked in and water in engine compartment. went back to dock and every bolt on head pipe and bushings came lose and two even came out completely I used loctite and the bolts had the yellow tread locker from factory what in the world would cause this...
    Now 2nd problem went home tighen up everything more loctite on everything go to start up does not seamed like low battery took plugs out and cranked and lots of gas coming and coming put plugs back in and it would crank over but not start.
    Where am I sunk any help would be great.... Thanks Bob

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    anyone with ideas

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    really lost on answers anyone with somewhere to start...

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    leaking seats in the carbs is letting the fuel drip in. You must have a lot of vibration to make those bolts back out like that.. Did the ski feel like it was having a hard time & did you feel any vibration?

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    no it felt fine, thats why I just don't know...

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