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    Intake removal/installation questions.

    I got a stick stuck between my prop and wear ring yesterday,and I had a few questions.

    1) Should I heat the bolts up prior to removal?

    2) Should I use blue loctite to re-innstall the bolts?

    The ski is only 4 months old (FX SHO) I'm hoping that it is so new, it should come apart easily. I'm also hoping I didn't trash the prop or wearing or anything else. It vibrates like crazy over 3k rpm, and I rode it for 3 hours total to get it back to the ramp.

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    No need to heat the bolts....and yes use blue locktite when reinstalled.......May want to pull pump check and inspect pump,impeller and bearings.....3 hours is a long time to run with an obstruction....

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    I heated my intake grate bolts with a hairdryer before removal and I use Red 271 loctite because that is what the yamaha service manual recommends.
    It should take you no more than 30 minutes total if you don't run into any issues. I would say 1 hour max if you hit problems.

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    Thanks guys. I tried to remove the intake grate by using a mini torch to heat and then loosen each bolt.
    I was able to get 3 of the 6 loose,however the other 3 were tough. So I got a tire iron and carefully removed the stick and it easily popped right out. Everything seems to look good the only thing I noticed was a slight heat mark on the prop where the stick was stuck,doesn't look bent or anything,wear ring looks fine. Maybe I got lucky here, I will have to test ride this weekend to see. Thanks guys.

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