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    Help re: engine apart!

    I have my '93 650 completely apart to get it ready for grandkids next summer. Fiirst time since new!!! I figure that 18 years of service deserves a complete overhaul! Not sure about the top of the PTO jug. One of the 6 water ports is eaten away right up to the steel cyl sleeve. Its about 1/8" wide and extends down about 1/8 ". Basically, it's corroded away in a jagged mess. Although the the surface atop the jug sleeve is fine and the outer gasket surface is also perfect. So, in other words, the water jacket openings are a little larger than when they were new, but there is no evidence that water can flow anywhere but where it intended to. Can I re-use it?

    Thax for any comments!

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    As long as the sealing surfaces are sound, you should be alright.

    650 parts are pretty cheap though, so you may want to look into getting another maybe?

    And welcome to the Hulk

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