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    2 Silver & Black Vinyl Polaris Decals (32" x 4")

    I have a pair of extras I made when I did the ones for my SLH. Actual measurements are about 32.5" x 4.25". These are made from layered Oracal vinyl that's rated for 5-7 years outdoor. (Realistically I get about 4 years down here in the direct TX sun.)

    $25 shipped for the pair.

    Obviously I will put application tape on the second one before I ship it:

    Here's the exact same size on my SLH:

    I do have a ton of vinyl in various colors and can do these in about any size. PM me if you need something.

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    I have a '94 SL650. Have or can you do the original "Polaris" that goes on the upper, back most portion of the hull? I believe my picture shows my ski.

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    I could probably get pretty close, but I don't know if I could match those colors exactly. Not colors I normally have on hand.

    Is this it?

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