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    Cant figure out what is wrong with my 92 sl 650

    So i bought this machine about a month ago, it started fine and would run but then all of a sudden die after 75ish feet. I thought it was a fuel problem, changed out the fuel system and installed a triple outlet fuel pump.

    I took it out and it was pretty hard to get going but started after i primed the carbs but it was bogging hard with white smoke coming out the exhaust and i noticed water leaking out of the base gasket of the PTO cylinder.

    I ripped it apart and noticed the guy who owned it before me just used gasket maker and it was deteriorated so i replaced that gasket, cleaned it up and i seen no leaks

    I took it out this weekend and it wont start for the life of me. not even a sputter. i killed the battery twice trying to get it running with no luck at all.

    any help is greatly appreciated, no shops at all work on polaris watercraft where im from, not even the polaris dealership so im pretty much hooped

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    Have you tried pouring a little premix down the carb throats and see if that helps?

    Are you getting spark?

    What's your compression?

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