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    GL5 or SeaDoo brand pump oil?

    I was considering an alternative to the overpriced SeaDoo branded pump oil. I've heard some people recommend GL5 gear oils.

    When I researched a GL5 alternative for my Harley's transmission, I found many sources claiming GL5 lubricants will attack yellow metals such as copper, brass, and bronze. The SeaDoo manual recommends synthetic 75W90 GL5 polyolester oil.

    Has anyone who is using an alternative GL5 seen their pump's metal compromised?

    Since the counterbalance shaft and it's components have no yellow metals, I wonder if a GL5 would be a better alternative. As hot as these engines run, I wonder if a 75W140 would be a better alternative. 75W140 has the same viscosity as 20W50 while 75W90 is similar to 10W40.


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    I have been using 75W90 synthetic gear oil in the jet pumps for years with no issues.

    I also used it for the counterbalancer shaft on my 951 with no issues.

    If it's a 787 counterbalancer it doesn't matter as whatever you put in there gets sucked through the rear crank bearing and is burnt off.

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