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    Water Leaking in Hull (Bilge) While Running


    I bought a 2001 Polaris Virage tx and took it out for the first time today. After I got back I noticed the ski was sitting very low in the water. I took off the seat and there was between 6" and 8" of water in the hull. We quickly got the ski out of the water, but did not see the water leaking back out. We took out the plugs and all the water drained. We took it home and noticed water leaking from the rear of the engine? (front of ski) while flushing the ski. There is a black round housing that appears to have a gasket behind it and it seems to be leaking in that area. Any ideas what to do next or what this housing is?

    Thank you!

    Matt Sabatello
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    Please post a picture of the leaking area. The rear of the engine is NOT in the front of the ski.

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    wild guess is that the drive bearings are going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snookduck View Post
    wild guess is that the drive bearings are going.
    I'm guessing it's the thru-hull seals, which could be caused by bad pump bearings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snookduck View Post
    wild guess is that the drive bearings are going.
    Welcome to the Hulk. At the rear of the engine is a drive coupler where the driveshaft connects to the engine. The driveshaft then goes into the bearing carrier and through the hull. It has a rubber sleeve over it with a couple of clamps on it. If that is what you are referring to then just like bgaidan said, you likely have bad seals. Also, make sure you are "flushing" the engine correctly or you will fill the engine with water. Start the engine first, turn on water hose right away. Then when your done, turn the water off before stopping the engine. 1-2 minutes max while running on a hose as it does not cool the same as in the water. Also, do not run the engine for more that 10-15 seconds without water. Otherwise, its bad news

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    I’m having the same issue with water in Hull, put it in the lake and seen a bit of water on the back right side, tried filling it with water today to see if I could see the water coming out but there was nothing, what else could I check cause I thought maybe it was gonna be the exhaust, don’t know what else to do other then take back out to lake and check to see where water is coming in at.

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    Try lifting the nose so more water is at the rear of watercraft. Add more water, you should see it come out somewhere even the exhaust.

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