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    2007 Rxp Speed Problems

    I have 2 2007 RXP's was getting 70 - 72 mph when they were brand new, now im getting 60 mph at best on both of them. Any ideas? Already installed the metal washers two years ago. My dealer says its "normal" to loose speed as they get older, 10 mph to me is not normal.

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    I assume 70-72 is that gps? are they stock no its not dont judge the dreamometer

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    I also have 07's. We will need more info on your ski's. Mods that you have done or any recent work. What rpm's are you running? If your ski is only running 60 mph (is this gps)you have a problem. The first thing I would check is the slip on your charger since its been 2 years since your last rebuild.

    And you need to find a new dealer

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