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    Reversed the leads (positive to negative and negative to positive)

    When putting in a new battery in my 98' GP 760 this past weekend I installed it improperly. I fastened the positive terminal on the ski to the negative on the battery and the negative terminal on the ski to the positive on the battery. After that couldn't get the LCD to turn on to enter unlock code or anything.

    Anybody ever done this and can tell me right away what I blew or what I should check?


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    Did you check for any blown fuses and replace as needed? That's what I'd try first.

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    my guess is the fuse at the electrical box at the rear of the engine compartment. There is a cap you unscrew and there should be a spare fuse in there

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    If fuses are good, it may be the computer.

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    Fuse was blown; replaced and now it will crank (not sure if it fired any of the sensors lets hope not)

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