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    RXP oil pressure problem

    What should my oil pressure be at idle? What would a mechanical gauge that is fitted to the test port on the head near the oil filter cannister read, i am currently getting 10-12psi when the engine is cold and as engine warms up the pressure just drops, if you rev the ski up pressure drops almost completely and alarm comes on.

    any thoughts?


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    My 08 idle oil pressure is 40-50psi. Could be the oil pumps and/or oil pressure regulater in the PTO. Ever lose ceramic SCer washers down the motor? Try pulling your oil filter and have a look. Water in the oil can cause problem too.

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    Dont run the ski no more under ressolved. your way under pressure specs are 65-95 cold But I will ad most skis are 80 plus cold mine is 94 cold. Hot idle after 15 min should be in the 30-40 range psi. Check your front oil pump its the suction it will gauge trash in motor. Also the regulator can be stuck very common or a broken oil pump shaft any way your pulling pto to locate

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    I would like to mount a gauge om my motor of my GTX. Does someone have a photo they can post, or show me to a thread for the installation?

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