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    2001 xl800 not getting gas

    I just picked up a 2001 xl800. I tried to run it and no gas is getting to the carbs.
    I know the gas line and gas filter are good. Is the pump built on the carberater?

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    Yup the pump is on the side of the carb, Each carb have it's own pump... Make sure the fuel line are pack, some time it hard to get the fuel going, Take out the plug drop in a few drop of gas in the cylinder and replace and try to start it that should help get the fuel going... If that doesnt work I would open the carb and look at the pump see if it have a tear in it....

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    Or you can pull the fuel return line from the carbs and suck the fuel all the way through the carbs from the tank using whatever method to pull a vacume. In this way, you make sure the whole system is packed.

    Check your fuel selector switch.

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    I removed the return hose and sucked the gas thru. Still didn't start.
    I sprayed carb cleaner in both carbs and I got the engine to run. for about 5 seconds. It seemed to be rev up when I squeezed the gas but as soon as I took my hand off the gas it died.
    Can the carbs be removed without taking off the exhaust?

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    If you are reving ok when you give it throttle then it may just be the idle speed adjustment. I have to adjust mine a little after doing an engine and carb rebuild for my 04 1200r. I believe for your PWC the scew for that is shown in the attached image.

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