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    Impeller and Shaft Separated, Splines stripped.

    Anyone ever have to deal with this?

    Was in typical southern Barnegate Bay seas, 2'-3' chop, riding hard to get home, then the impeller let loose. If I got above a certain RPM, or stuffed a large pressure of water into the tunnel, the impeller would come loose, I'd hear a whining, then I'd let off the throttle, and it would re-engage. It got worse over the next 15 min. where it would slip for a 1/4 of a second then be ok. The level of rpm's slowly decreased, to the point where at idle, it would whine, and only a small amount of thrust was coming out.
    I'm assuming the splines are gone some where. Probably in the impeller. The shaft may be gone too. I'm pulling pump this week to truly assess the damage.

    Will probably need directions on how to pull shaft, and remove impeller. I know how to remove the pump, I have impeller socket, just never used it.

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    Here is a start.... This is how to basically remove the shaft.

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    You are going to need a shaft and new prop.

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    I had a GTX do the same thing, but it chewed out the PTO and the driveshaft was stripped too, this i think was caused by lack or bad maintenance, there was NO grease in the PTO at all!! as you pull it apart do it methodcially take pictures if need be.

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    I just went through something similar but didn't get to stripped condition. Take a look, if you have questions I'll be glad to help. Had it not being for this forum, JP1300r, MSRXP, Craigo and a few others my shit wouldn't be running.

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