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    Selling '06 RXP - How should I sell with or without mods

    Bought a 100+ hour RXP few months back (about 150hrs now). Did not have SC serviced or new washers when I bought it so immeditately installed an X-charger and 42lb injectors. Had Riva 3" intake at purchase and I upgraded to 4" Fizzle. Also just installed a Fizzle intercooler, Riva RRFPR. Already had Riva OPAS delete with rear exhaust installed. Decided to sell ski to buy a boat that will hold more people. So should I sell as is? Maybe take off intercooler and sell sep along with RRFPR? And maybe put the 3" riva back on so looks a little more presentable instead of a big corrugated plastic pipe? Thanks for your input.

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    I would put it back stock and sell the parts. Leave the exhaust as you have to and the opas as you have to as well.

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    Leave ut as is...your not quite to the point of no

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    Not that it is past point of now return, but with essentially new parts for the RRFPR and the intercooler am I better financially (will they enhance the ski by $X dollars) or better off removing and selling for $X. I do all the work and it is a piece of cake to do so there is no additional cost to removing. Also, and please correct me if you all feel otherwise, the mods do very little for resale value and may even hurt it. So by going back at least visually inside the ski closer to stock it will be an easier sale and will make a reasonable sale. Thanx.

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    Take the upgrades off and sell separately. Don't think you will recoup the money selling with the ski.

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