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    2000 SLH spark issue?

    I recently picked up a 2000 SLH 700.
    It ran great for several weeks, about 3 tanks of gas, now all of a sudden it boughs in upper RPM range. It kind of acted as if it were running out of gas.
    It starts and idles well, when giving it the gas to take off, it starts off strong for several seconds then falls on its face.
    I spent the weekend checking all fuel lines carbs etc, trying to find something wrong, but to no avail. I discovered that the forward plug was gas fouled compared to the rear, which leads me to believe that maybe its a spark issue.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I have been reading, both plugs fire off the same coil, so if 1 plug is fireing, 2 is fireing also. So could I have a bad plug wire?

    What other things should I check?

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    Do plug wires come as part of the coil package? or are they sold seperatly?

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    Finally got it going.
    The screens inside the carburators were plugged up.

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    Have the gray tempo fuel lines been replaced? The filters on my SLH were clogged due to the lines breaking down.

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    Replaced the lines......Guess what kind the local marina had..... Tempo.!!!
    Replaced the 5mm with 5/16. They seem to be made different than the originals. Slightly larger, should flow a little better.

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