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    94 polaris sl 750

    hey so i am new to this whole pwc thing...i have raced for almost 20 years and got out of it a few years back..and have now found jet ski, i went out and found a 94 polaris sl 750 for 600 bucks with trailer...i thought a good deal....then i took it to my buddies house that has 5 ski,s he showed me the missing intake grate and chewed all too H...impeller...took it out any way had a blast.....found a new pump and impeller took it back out even faster.....he has told me that it has after market parts but not sure all what....but i can,t find a intake grate for it and not sure wich one to get.....i guess i really need one cause i can,t get it too stay in the just thought i would ask all you guys on this sight what i can do too it too fix it all up......i need too fix...trim....intake grate....speedo....fuel gauge.......and for some reason looks like fuel return has been bypassed..closed off.......the guy i bought it from told me it had a new cdi box...all carbs rebuilt.....went to polaris to get fuel and oild up grades? ..not sure what that is but ok.....i checked compression and it has 135...140...145...front to that good.....not really fond of the 10 split..but if its ok then i,m good with it....motor seems to run really good....well hopefully you guys will reed this and help me out thanks alot....btw i love to ride this thing it,s awesome,,,wish i would have bought one years

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Posting pics will help us identify stuff.

    I have an nice intake grate for sale if interested. $60 plus shipping.

    The compression is actually good. The 10 point difference isn't ideal, but should be fine for a recreation boat. Not like you're racing it....

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