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    2010 RXT-X with no Display

    I haven't done anything to the boat since my last race about a month ago. Went to fire her up last night, and got NO display or beep or anything. Hooked it up to battery charger, and within an hour was showing 75%. I tried again...and still nothing, but decided to go threw the process. Hit the start button, plugged in the key, hit the start button again, and it fired right sport mode. I could tell by the sound of the engine, but still no display. Nothing like waiting till 3 weeks before I have to ship the boat to Lake Havasu...

    Anyone have any simple idea's? Boat has Riva Racing Stage One Kit with speed override module installed. It has a 5 year might be better to just bring it back to the dealership, but if something simple would rather learn to do more work on it myself. Thanks in advance.

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    It was just a blown 3amp fuse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RagingDiablo666 View Post
    It was just a blown 3amp fuse...
    How long did it take to get over that high speed dismount at Racine? I was right behind you when #$@%#&*%! LOL

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    I felt great the next day...and was ready to race Sunday...just took a couple pills and felt better. Thanks for not running me over, everyone did a great job of missing me bobbing in the water; got back on and finished the race...and think I passed a couple guys... Reggie got some great footage of it on his helmet cam...and I have it on video from the beach...looks worse than it was.

    Reason for the blown fuse, fault code for bad sensor...replaced.

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