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    Unhappy 1994 Polaris 750SLT

    I have a polaris 750 SLT. The battery is not charging? Where do I look for the Problem? How can I solve the problem?? There is only 12.5 volts at the battery when running?

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    I would suggest you take the battery to someone and have it tested. You can check each battery cell if it is not a sealed and no water is required to ever be added, get a simple 5 ball battery tester and check the battery fluid for floating balls before and after a 2 amp charge for 8 to 10 hours. May save you a lot of hazel just getting the battery dealer to check it for you. As for the charging system you will need a good volt/ohm meter and manual to check out the Stator magneto's charging coil by testing. For your sake I hope it is just the battery cause that is a cheap fix. Do not let your battery be put into a place to allow it to freeze during winter and best to remove from machine for winter. Always remove the negative battery cable from the battery when not using for two or more weeks even if freezing if not a problem.

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