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    Gp1200r engine in bits but need advice

    Hi everyone, got my engine in bits for the first time, number 2 piston looks like it has been hot as one edge of it is burnt away. the other 2 cylinders look fine. im planning on only replacing number 2 piston and cylinder. im going to get some wave eater clips also as theres none on it. i think i need to replace the clips between the pv's also as they operate slightly after one another if you know what i mean!! Iv heard that your supposed to have a 'cold' spark plug in the middle cylinder as this cylinder gets the hottest?? (i know some bike engines have this). also i have had the carbs off a few weeks ago and noticed carb number two butterfly valve was a bit damaged, and i cant seem to find one to buy on its own anywhere. Funds are very low so i need to buy only what i really need! if theres anything you guys think i need to replace while iv got it in bits i would be very grateful to know! or if anyone has a spare butterfly valve lying around . my main problem is i live in the uk and parts are not that easy to come across so they are genrally very expensive when you find what you want! thanks for reading!

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    Wile you got it torn down it would be a good time to go premix. also if you replace the power valve couplers get something besides the wave eaters the clips are great for the pins but the couplers wear the shafts. I use a piece of metal with clamps to couple the shafts got the idea from rocketman it works great. I use all BR8ES-11 plugs in mine and havent had any issues. If your seeing a lot of heat from the burnt piston check the crank to make sure the rod and bearings are OK.
    Hope this helps

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    could you post some pics of your pistons and crank? we love pics! you can always go the Ebay route for parts there are many suppliers that ship world wide. 1200 gpr search and begin your troll.

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