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    Dumb (RRFPR) question I think, but...

    So, im eventually going to finish researching and getting into one of these units one day - if i ever want to continue modding (better air intake).
    Although probably a little obvious, my question is what happens to the fuel economy once a person installs a RRFPR?

    With my current mods, im touching 80mph () in cold, glass water with only 42s for fuel mods. My current fuel economy is okay, but i wouldnt want to do something to the ski to make the fuel economy take a serious dump....besides beating on WOT, i also like to do some touring - desert touring with little-to-no options for refueling.

    As it is now, with a full tank of gas and plenty of WOT on light/no chop, im burning the whole tank of fuel in less than 2.5ish hours or so. If im on and off the gas in choppy water, then it certainly lasts longer. I just dont want to totally destroy the fuel economy, just to be able to go another 1-2mph for example.


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    I went out last weekend and got 131 miles to a tank cruising at 6k. I had a small 3 gallon extra tank to fill it with once it started sputtering. It started sputtering at 130.84 miles. I stopped and idled and filled it back up with 3 gallons and went on my way. It makes a HUGE difference when you stay out of the boost. I was at 5900-6000....

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    It is all about the mid range IMO! and staying out of the boost. My economy increased as I was going faster with the same rpms when I changed chargers and IC and had a properly pitched prop. I hope to push it a little further once the ET 137 is in. I should know soon.

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