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    fuel gauge stuck on two bars - 2011 GTX Ltd iS 260

    Took my 2011 GTX Ltd iS 260 to the river this past weekend. Saturday, with a full tank and all 8 bars on the fuel gauge, rode 86 miles before the low fuel warning came on, and it was down to one bar. We filled up on the way back to the hotel, then Sunday morning we set off again, but the fuel gauge only displayed two bars. I figured someone had siphoned my gas during the night, so I stopped at the AVI resort just south of Laughlin and filled up, only to find it would only take a couple of gallons to fill it up, so now I know itís a gauge and/or fuel sender unit issue in the gas tank, I guess. We carried on to Havasu and back, filling up once more during the trip, and the whole time the gauge displayed two bars.
    During the start up sequence the gauge self test does display all the gas bars so I donít think itís the actual gauge display. Iíll be taking it to Malcolm Smith Motor Sports, my nearest dealer for waranty repair this week.
    This ski only 5 months old and has 41 hours on it. Has anyone heard of this being an issue on such a new SeaDoo product?

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    Did you hit any rough water? I had my 09 X act in a similar way this summer. I found the float had flipped up and jammed against the side of the tank. I was riding in 5 footers on Lake Erie at the time, but if you were riding rough you may have the same issue.

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