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    Question help with my 2008 gp1300R build

    I started with a freshwater 08 gpr that i picked up from maryland with 14 hours. so far i have installed:

    riva efi controler

    powercore cat remover

    riva freeflow exhaust

    jetworks holeshot kit

    riva intake grate

    riva sponsoons

    riva extended tabs

    solas dynafly imepller (unknown pitch but it came from island racing)

    r&d ride plate that was modified at riva (wierd right? it came off an 03 gpr that came from florida i have the reciept from riva that installed the stage 1 kit)

    r&d anticavation cone

    r&d exit nozzle (i cant remember what degree its pitched)

    r&d extended steering nozzle

    riva sponsoons

    riva extended tabs

    riva pump stuffer kit that was completly sealed in flush with 3m 5200 which i also used to seal the pumpshoe and intake grate

    with all this i am seeing a top speed of 67.7 on my gps

    I have a set of riva 3 piece heads but im waiting on new griddle nuts from riva to install them.

    I am still looking for a better way to get air into the motor and was thinking about the ross sonic boom TB's, VF3 reeds and a aftermarket F/A

    my last step is i have a set of 03 1300r powervalve cylinders that i am going to send out to one of the 3 major porters (tim judge, lowell or west coast porting) and run a 03 electronics box with the powervalve motor because i cant seem to find any gas valves (and i have no idea how to set them up properly) and lastly install a 3 degree keyway
    any other advice tips or tricks?

    i live in NYC and i mostly ride in saltwater in 1 foot chop but i have flats up the river that i can top out on to do top speed runs.

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    Swap a D plate for the powercore

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    here is a link that will help you.

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    Why do I swap the powercore and put in a D plate instead? I thought th powercore was made for the 1300s.

    Thanks for the reply Jim, I've read that entire thread and that's what inspired my to post my build. The only problem is I am near a ramp that only has 4 hours of useable tide a day and a good 25 minute ride to where I can open it up in a flat body of water to get a good speed rating, so for me to experiment with ten thousands of an inch washers I only can do 1-2 sea trials each time I drop the ski in. its geting to be a real pain in the butt for the .5 mph gain that I've seen so far. Have you ever heard of a r&d rideplate that was modded at riva during an install of a stage 1 package 7 years ago? Or should I just send my impellors d plate and rideplate to you to get setup the right way.

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