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    Question K&N Air Filters For 1996 Polaris SLT 780 Discussion

    Good morning everyone. So, I am thinking of replacing my stock air fitler with 3 of the K&N air filters. Seeing as this is around a $450.00 upgarade since I need 3 of them inclucing the adapters and filter wraps I was wondering if anyone has done this. My questions would be as follows.

    1. How much horsepower would I gain?
    2. Would I need to adjust the carbs after installation?
    3. Better gas milage?

    Thanks for any replies on the subject.


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    I cant speak to the K&N setup, but I can say that I may try other performance mods first (if you have not already) such as an extended pump ($1-200?), Stainless 6 vane stator($200), 6* wedge/trim($75). All these mods together will cost less and I bet net a much more noticable performance increase (Better hole-shot, top speed increase of about 2mph).

    This is info from the forums, not first hand experence.
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    DON'T bother!!!!!!!

    The 780 uses a free flowing Flame Arrestor already, you will gain hardly anything if any.

    Use the $$ elsewhere.

    As suggested above, look into a set of performance reeds, SS 6 vane stator, A/M impeller, A/M ride plate, etc....

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    Xlint89 is correct, factory air box is the best. you may actually lose speed with K&Ns, the original filter doesn't use a fiber element & flows better. The only bolt on mods that will work for that machine are, ss 6vein pump stator & ride plate, I believe I used an ocean pro, I think the slt780 also used a pump wedge with less angle than the sltx1050. I tried v-force reeds on my 750 coverted to a 780 & saw 0 increase in full throttle rpms, but they did help acceleration noticably, in the 20-45mph range.

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