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    GTX 951 quits randomly. Appears to loose spark,

    We have a 1998 GTX 951 and a 2000 GTX 951 that both loose spark and die at ramdom times. I have checked the trigger OHM's against a new one and they measure 240 (old) and 238 (New)--so I am thinking that the triggers are ok. When they quit we do not remove the lanyard and it restarts quickly, so I pretty sure Fuel and DESS post are not the issue. The times I have had a DESS post go bad I have to wiggle the lanyard to get it to start again.

    Any thoughts out in GreenHulk Land?

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    Try to see your electrical wires, ground etc make sure they are all intact tight and there is no lose wires causing bad connections. Also look in your rear electrical box for any corrosion/coil/wires/fuses


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    Check the coils for rust on the ground wires.

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    try trimming the plug wires

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    I had the same issue with my old 2000 gtx. What fixed it for me was just squeezing the dess a bit and make it oval. With being on and off the ski for 10+ years - the plastic/rubber knobs on the key to hold it in place had worn - and intermittently would fault out causing the ski to die - then fired right up after a wiggle sometimes.

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