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    Just brought a Seadoo Sportster Jet Boat.

    The previous owner(s) converted it from oil injection to pre mix. I think their conversion was just placing some decals on the hull indicating not to add oil into the oil tank but mix oil with gas. As far as I can tell the oil injection system is intact, in fact the low oil light comes on when the engine is started. My question is that because the low oil light is on does the engine go into limp mode? The engine start fine, but seems to lack the power compare with my Polaris SLX with the 1050 engine. Is their a work around to the low oil indicator other then clamping off the oil line(s) and filling the oil tank so that the sender will not indicate a low oil situation?

    Do I need to add oil in the oil tank for the rotary valve?

    Seadoo 1995 Sportster.
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    If they didnt actually remove the original oil pump, I would be afraid of the pump having run for any length of time without oil in it. I would recommend replacing the pump and flushing the oil feed lines if you are going to hook the oiling system back up.

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    I'm going to remove the oil pump and bench test it. Are the oil lines suppose to be clear vinyl lines?

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