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    Exclamation Missing inter cooler? What the !

    I have just picked up a 2008 Speedster 215 hp. When I looked in the engine compartment, I noticed the supercharger discharge directly feeds the throttle body; I thought this was kind of weird and just assumed they had placed the inter-cooler after the throttle body for who know what reason (thought the intake manifold was so big it must be part inter-cooler inside)

    I just saw a picture of of the inter-cooler in a 2009 255hp, which I don't have, and it clicks that some other boats/ski's have SCIC written on them and I don't.

    Please tell me the intake header also contains the inter-cooler!!!!

    If I do not have an inter-cooler (and I have just ordered an X-charger and 42's)
    1. What size charger do I currently have that allows me to make 215hp without an inter-cooler?
    2. Where does this leave my attempt at a mod now? Did I just waist a grand?

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    It's inside your intake manifold. All the 215's are. Look on the front of the intake manifold. You should see two water lines coming out of either a round plastic or brass housing... that's your stock intercooler.

    You can get a block-off out of the store, so that you can put in your aftermarket toys.

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    Thanks Hydrotoys, you just made my day!

    What is this "block-off" you mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBA View Post
    What is this "block-off" you mentioned?

    You take the restrictive stock IC out of the manifold, which leaves a hole... this block off seals that hole, then you can connect an external intercooler kit between the SC and throttle body, similar to the 255hp. The water hoses that connected to the stock IC, will now connect to your external IC.

    No matter what intercooler route you go, the first thing I'd recommend is the water line strainer:

    When you see the junk it catches, you'll be glad it didn't make it into the small passageways of your IC.

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    Thanks VX1.

    This is really bad; I’m already convincing myself that my safe mod setup will absolutely need an AFR gauge. How long can I possibly hold out before buying an intake, intercooler, RRFPR, impeller wear ring, exhaust…. It’s a sickness. I think I have caught Terminal (speed) OCD again! I can see it now… I’m wearing my sled gear …. It's -10 C... There is not mUch ice on the lake… It’s snowing .. Probably white out conditions (strong wind at my back)… a GPS is taped to the steering wheel, and I’m wearing my helmet cam just to backup my best run..

    Looks like the family is going back on Kraft Dinner and beans for a while.

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    If you MUST drink the kool-aid on the strainers, get an industrial one, with an aluminum (or very thick, non-clear plastic bowl, so that your boat doesn't sink itself.

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