Ok new here and don't really know why I have taken so long to join. I've been trolling around here for some time now. Now that I have a serious question, I thought I would ask.

2006 RXP Sputtering after wake jump or wave jump. Will run 100% all day on calm water but if we hit any kind of wake it will spit and sputter for a few seconds and then take off again.

I've been reading about this TOPS sensor. Just wondering which 2 wires do I need to connect to bypass it for testing purposes? I would like to bypass it for a day to see if it solves the problem. I have the shop manual and know that there is a

12v(purple)/ground(black)/switch(gray w/black)

wires on the plug.

soooooo do I connect the 12v to the switch or Ground to switch? thanks for any help.

Also we did find a slight exhaust leak today, could that cause problems like sputtering after a vertical type landing?

thanks again