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    how long in the shop

    I dropped off my skis (99 gsx ltds) to have them freshened up.
    well the mag piston on mine is compressing at 90, pto is 150.
    but the thing runs at 60 all day long!
    he said my wifes is good to go, they are on a double trailor so i dont want to get just one of them.
    problem, everytime i go by there or call he is working on someone elses or rebuilding his own or something.
    this is 6 weeks and 1 day now and he hasnt even pulled the heads off. one time while i was there i said, gimme the tool i'll pull the heads of right now and we can see.
    what i am asking is this way to long to have looked at? its his own shop not affiliated with the store, they stopped selling watercraft, but he is supposed to be the best in this area!

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    top ends are easy. take the ski home pull the motor and pull the top end off and have it done in 2 days. its very simple. its just a matter of taking the pump off and taking the three motor mounts loose to get the motor out. ...what ski is this anyway?

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    Funny, the 951's only had 135psi from the factory.

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