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    Where can I get templates to Photoshop some decals?

    I want to get the outline of the factory decals (mine are missing) to Photoshop some new ones and then have the decal guy print them out. No one makes anything for the 2000 GP1200R. I found some guy on eBay that makes them for the 2001, but even though he says they'll fit the 2000 the colors are wrong (blue) and for some reason he cant do them in the silver and black I need. Any suggestions? I can't see paying $70 each from Yamaha. Thanks!

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    Exotic signs has a huge selection. Add their facebook page and look through their photos. They have a GPR selection and you can customize any of it.

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    haven't checked their site yet but might they have something for the xlt1200?
    i like the factory blue or teal graphics in 04 but would like to have the 1200 removed out of the print and HO in its place.

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