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    Ski won't turn off

    Hi my 2011 gti won't turn off, the key is off the dess pole and the dash stays on and every min it does the long no key beep. I unplugged the battery for a few mins to reset the computer but it's still doing it, please help

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    The dess post is out. Unplug the front handlebar harness and the ski will shut off.
    The magnet is stuck closed in the post.

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    When you say won't turn off - you mean the engine is still running or is just the cluster flashing signs and your getting the beeps?

    If it's just the cluster/beeps and the engine does shut down, return it to the dealer as I'm assuming your 2011 GTI is under warranty... If the engine won't shut off.... IDK, kill the fuel supply...?

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    The engine is off, just the electronics are staying on. I just called the dealer and they said unplug the battery and bring it in so that's what I'm doing. Glade it happened on land.

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    anyone else have this happen ??

    I hope we are not smelling another recall

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