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    Loss of Electrical Power with Gauges Frozen

    I put in a Riva intercooler with BOV in my 2009 FZS and took it out yesterday for a test run. Everything looked fine. I could see water flowing from the larger water outlet (I reused the side outlet with the larger nozzle provided with the intercooler). After running for about 10-15 minutes I took it up over 60 mph and then let up on the throttle. When I came to a stop the fuel/hour display was off. The stock speedometer was still showing 68 mph and the tachometer was stuck on 4200 rpm.

    I checked the battery and found the positive cable a little loose so I tightened it. The gauges were still stuck with no power to the display and no reaction when trying to start.

    After being towed to the ramp and taking the PWC home I pulled the battery, charged it, and reinstalled the battery. The engine now turns over when hitting the start button, but does not start and the gauges are still stuck at 68 mph and 4200 rpm with no power to the display.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any suggestion on how to troubleshoot?

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    I know this may sound dumb but check the fuses, one of them should be for the gauges and the ecu

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    When you installed the IC you had to pull some of the electrical plugs.. look through them. You probably had one that didn't get seated all the way and came loose. Or yu could have pulled on something that had tension on the wires to the ECU and maybe pulled one of those 3 plugs loose., either way, just thorough inspection of all the wiring and plugs should fix it if it ran fine before you started.

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    Thanks for the replies. The 20 amp fuse was blown. It makes sense since it supplies the main and fuel pump relay. I replaced it with the spare, but it blew as well. After doing a search on this forum I see others have experienced blown fuses do to a bad bilge pump which may be on this same circuit. I'll let you know if this was the problem.

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    If disconnecting the bilge pump, replacing the fuse again and retrying doesn't fix the problem, try to notice:
    Did the fuse blow immediately upon replacing it, immediately upon starting the ski the first time or after the ski had been running for awhile?

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    The bilge pump was not the problem. It was the fuel pump that was causing the 20 amp fuse to blow. The pump was sticking and had to be cleaned.

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    i had exactly the same prob 2 years ago, main fuse blew, there was water in the electrical conection to the clocks

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