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Thread: Trailer guides

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    Trailer guides

    I just added trailer guides to help in backing up the loaded and empty trailer and to aid in loading the ski with minimum drama on the ramp. There is always a cross wind at the ramp on the lake we frequent, so driving it on gets touchy sometimes.

    Picked up the trailer guides for about $60 and the pads for about $35.

    This mod makes it much easier to keep an eye on where the trailer is heading and watching the water level on the guides lets me know the trailer is far enough down the ramp. Also helps to center the ski on the trailer. Not to mention they match the ski as well

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    Where did you get them from?

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    Hey, I got those exact same guide-ons but I mounted them on top of my frame rails.... now I'm thinking I should put them on the bottom of the frame rail. I like your trailer better due to the ski setting lower in the frame rails. I think I paid about 80 dollars for mine at the local marina. I have an Avalanche and could not see the trailer when empty either.

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    Looks nice!! Must need them when you own a doo.......

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    Looks nice!! Must need them when you own a doo.......

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