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    mr-1 cylinder head

    probably been covered before. looking for info if a vx110 casting cylinder head can be used on a fx block? of course sbt seperates them and won't take a vx head for an fx head ect.
    but the bare casting should be the same.

    asking because i have a repairable vx110 head at the shop i work and i need a head for my fx ho block. ive already had the head placed on top of the block and everything lines up. same with exhaust the fx exhaust fits right on. only thing i would think is different would be ill have to use headgasket for the block and exhaust manifold gasket for the exhaust that is on it. all fx gaskets. other thing i can see being different but haven't verified is valvetrain for the lower rpm redline of the vx. this is getting switched out for fx valvetrain that i have.
    the fxho cams will also be switched.

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    if your switching cams etcc. rpm limit should not be a problem.not too sure about re using head gasket tho.

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    all gaskets will be new. not taking any shortcuts. but seing prety much what i already know the answer to if anyone has used a vx head on an fxho. my ho head has damaged chambers and need a good core head to rebuild. and have a vx head at the shop.
    guess ill just have to try and find out.

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    Check on the EOM parts finder and see if they share the same part#

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