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    Angry problem connecting map sensor connector to R&D powershot fuel adjuster

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ID:	252762has anyone had this problem, i started installing my R&D powershot fuel adjster but had to stop because the male/female connectors of the PS are different then the male/female connectors on my yamaha fzr.

    i attached some pics, i have a 2011 yamaha fzr.

    however the PS male/female connectors match the fuel injector male female connectors

    that is the only problem is the ps map sensor connectors/
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    I had the same problem. The 2011 map sensor plug is different. The only thing the powershot does to the map sensor signal is remove the boost limiter. I had an R3 program so it made no difference. I just left the factory map sensor plugged as normal and left the powershot unplugged. I only use the powershot to add fuel as the R3 program disables the boost limiter on it's own. As long as you have a reflash you should be fine. How much boost are you running?

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    hi, you had the r3, what if i want to use the powershot do you know what to do,
    i upgraded to the c1 monster so maybe 9 pounds of boost

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    I take it that you have a stock computer. I'm not sure where the factory boost limiter is at. From reading R & D's site it looks as if that at 7300 or so rpm your only getting a pound or two of boost over stock. I'm not sure of your elevation, but even at sea level I would bet that you shouldn't have a problem. Just leave the map sensor plugged like factory and only use the powershot to add fuel where needed. Worst case is that you hit the factory boost limiter. It won't hurt anything. For more boost you will need either a reflash, aftermarket ecu, or for R&D to make a powershot for the 2001 map sensor. As far as I know neither R&D nor Riva has been able to get the plugs for the 2011 map sensor.

    Also I highly recommend to get a boost and air/fuel gauge. Even if you only temporarily install it for tuning purposes.

    I hope this helps...

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    Why not call R&D & ask if they can send you a connector for the 2011 sensor.

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    I like the idea of asking for another connector, I sent an email to rd-performance and tomorrow i will be calling

    ps i attempted to locate a connector on my own to match up with the oem, i never knew that is almost impossible to identify
    i.e. dephi, molex ... automotive, etc etc, i must looked at 3,000 connectors!

    thanks for everyone's advise.

    ill follow up with everyone as soon i here back from RD-performance

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    As far as I know r&d and riva have not been able to locate the 2011 connector. Please let us know what r&d tells you.

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    Follow up: Glen @ RD informed me that the 2011 fzr map sensor is different then the 2010 and that Yamaha has yet to disclose the connector, as of this time there are not any matching connectors out there yet.

    Glen advised to send back the powershot and apply the credit to a ECM flash. I just fedexed my ecm and returned the powershot. Im going with the R2
    thanks for everyone's help

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