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Thread: Oil priming

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    Cool Oil priming

    Hey guys i just did 2 carb jobs on my skis and i put them all back together
    Problem 1
    They dont start i know i have to prime the system what is the proper way to do this ,Primer bulb ,premix spray bottle
    Also so on my gpr 800 2001 i replaced the oil lines after what appears to be the check valves.
    on my 1200 gp 1999 i just reinstalled the oil lines i did not replace any oil lines they were soft ,like they were new

    so what do you guys think is the safest and right way to fire these things up

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    You could premix the first tank of gas at 50:1 if you're worried about not getting oil flowing right away. Thats what I did. It ran fine. It did smoke a little bit but not much.
    There are several ways to prime the fuel system. You could remove the return line and suck gas through the carbs with a vacuum pump, use a primer, you could crank and crank it until gas starts flowing out the return line, or you could use a premix spray bottle to keep the ski running until the fuel starts flowing. There are a few other methods out there also.

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    I tried a few things finally made a primer system thing.It still would not prime so i took the exhaust back off pulled the line and pumped it down til fuel poured in a bottle then primed a tiny bit and stuck the hose on the carb ,as i was putting it together i ripped the exhaust boot so i have one on order i will go get it in the morning and try to get it back together tomorrow see what happens .Thanks for the info keep it coming

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